One-on-One or Online French Tutoring is highly successful in improving a student’s academic ability – grades, study skills, and confidence. It allows for the highest level of personal attention, customized instruction, and intensive yet fun learning.

At BonjourTutoring, the program begins with a complimentary consultation which determines strengths and challenges and helps in identifying the learning style of your child or yourself.

With an understanding that every student is unique in their requirements and learning styles, a customized curriculum helps students achieve greater academic success.

The students at BonjourTutoring.com are experiencing real results through a professional learning experience.

I am confident that your child or yourself will gain the skills needed in order to speak French with spontaneity and understand it with a high level of confidence.  

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“My son's French teacher noticed a major improvement in just a few months.” -  Natalie C, Ladysmith

Pierre is a fabulous tutor. He makes learning French a fun and enjoyable experience. My kids always look forward to their sessions with Pierre. Merci. -  Lisanne, Nanaimo

We welcomed Pierre into our house as both a tutor and a friend to our son. Pierre is extremely engaging, humorous and diligent in his approach to each structured lesson. Our son has enjoyed learning French with Pierre, always looking forward to his next visit. His confidence and abilities are a true testament to the guidance he has been given. As parents, we could not have asked for more. Merci Pierre. - Nick & Nadine - Ladysmith

My daughter was struggling last year but this year, her teacher noticed a vast improvement. - Alex - Nanaimo

feu-artifice-paris-tour-eiffel-2013-11Initial Consultation is always free.



Buy 5 sessions for $150 and get the 6th session FREE ($30.00 savings)

Buy 10 sessions for $300 and get the 11, 12 & 13th session FREE ($90.00 savings)

Bonus: Successfully refer someone and get a free tutoring session as a Thank You ($30.00 Value)

The French on-line virtual classroom allows you or your child to interact and participate in a live session with me from anywhere in the world.


The initial Skype consultation is always free (30 Minutes).


Each Session:  $30.00/ Hourpierretransparent


 Buy 5 sessions for $150 and get the 6th session FREE ($30.00 savings)

 Buy 10 sessions for $300 and get the 11, 12 & 13th session FREE ($90.00 savings)

 Bonus: Successfully refer someone and get a free tutoring session as a Thank You ($30.00 Value)

Note: For options other than Skype, please email me at pierre@bonjourtutoring.com to set up accordingly.


  1. Andi Prifti

    Great info. Thanks!

    1. Pierre Trepanier (Post author)

      Thanks Andi,

      Much appreciated.
      Have a great weekend.

  2. Christian

    Hi Pierre,

    So if I’m semi-fluent you seem (with your E rating) as though you could take me the rest of the way? I’m so glad you are fluent in English, learning from a tutor who doesn’t know MY language fluently can be very frustrating!

    So let me please get some more information from you. Is Canadian French that different from the French I would find in Europe? Are you accent free? Can you help me with my French conjugations to learn how to speak like I was a native French speaker?

    Let me know a bit more, this is very exciting to me as I want to perfect and become fluent in French as soon as possible.


    1. Pierre Trepanier (Post author)

      Bonjour Christian,

      I would say that I am tri-lingual as I can speak French with little to no accent (everyone has an accent to a point) or if needed, I can speak French using a lot of Canadian expressions. I can help with any aspects you want.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

      Kindest of regards
      Á bientôt.


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